New Addition at Burnsville High School

School Board Member Darcy Schatz was kind enough to offer a tour of the new addition at Burnsville High School.  It is impressive! We started at the end  where social studies classes take place.  Tables and chairs are used in place of desks so the students are able to work in small groups. There are tables and chairs placed in the hallways as well, again so they can collaborate or meet as their schedules allow.  It tends to look more like an office environment than a traditional school setup.  The technology available in the classrooms is incredible.  The media center is very large and welcoming. Then we went into the area where the arts takes place.  There is now a piano room.  My understanding is that piano and guitar courses are now available.  There is also a room for dance. It was interesting to see how many portions of the school are involved in the theatre production that will be taking place in the near future.

There is a new training facility. We toured the activities center last, which is essentially three gymanasiums with a running track at the top.

School District #191 should be very proud of this new additon. I was told that many of these facilities are available for public use as well.



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