Lunchtime at William Byrne Elementary

I went to William Byrne Elementary School on Friday to observe the students at lunchtime. I had heard some really impressive comments from #191 Food Service Staff about how they encourage students to try new foods and to eat healthier and wanted to see this in person.

The students have a variety of choices for their entrees.  On Friday, chicken sandwiches and peanut butter &  jelly sandwiches were some of the options. They are strongly encouraged to take a vegetable and a fruit. Carrots and broccoli were the two vegetable choices.  I saw  carrots most often on the trays of the kindergartners and they did look good.  There are multiple fruit choices on the fruit buffet. The staff is very good about monitoring the students and encouraging them to eat the food on their trays.

I did talk with the principal and some of the staff about the importance they place on the students being well-fed.  It is hard for a students to learn when their stomachs are growling because they haven’t had enough to eat.  It sounds like the staff at this school really concentrates on the well-being of their students.


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