Happy Valentine’s Day

The door to the human heart can be opened only from the inside.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Trump Acquittal – for the 2nd Time

Listening to the impeachment hearing this past week has brought back terrible memories of January 6th. The vote in the Senate today was more than disturbing and depressing. Looks like Trump was right, he can commit murder and get away with it.

It seems hard to justify the Republican Party as  a legitimate political party anymore. The members are lacking in reason, responsibility, or ethics.

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Truth or Fiction?

The vicious attack on the U.S. Capitol this past Wednesday creates lots of opportunities for reflection.

First, the fact that so many of these people in the attack came prepared to engage in violence while some carried the United States flag is amazing.  These are competing symbols when attacking the seat of democracy. Who would harm someone just because they disagreed with you? I thought the highlight of our country was the ability to discuss our differences and come to some form of compromise.  In recent years, “compromise” seems to be totally objectional  to some populations. It often seems characteristic of people who seem unable to deal with facts, with science, with any form of truth. They claim to be patriots, yet they seem to be ignorant of  laws and history. They are willing to listen to lies and act accordingly. They are too lazy to do research and seek the truth.  What I find hard to understand is that we spend lots of money in this country to educate our population and yet too many of our citizens seem to ignore processes for reasonable decision-making.

Secondly, the fact that people are being elected who have little knowledge or respect for our laws and public institutions is hard to understand. Certainly the actions of some of these misguided or incompetent individuals was evident this past Wednesday and even before.   The priorities of elected officials should be public safety! Over these past months, the number of public officials who have ignored reasonable procedures to deal with COVID is more than evident. How many people have to die and suffer before these officials start taking their responsibilities seriously?  There is nothing patriotic or reasonable in the actions of the people who deliberately cause harm or allow harm to happen on their watch.

The list goes on and on. This is an issue that everyone needs to be thinking about and helping to find the solutions. As the saying goes ” If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.”


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Happy New Year!

I hope you have been enjoying the holiday season. While COVID has placed restrictions on some of our normal celebrations, I have been impressed with the creativity that families, religious institutions, and the media  have shown to make  celebrations possible and meaningful.

2020 is a year we will long remember for good and bad reasons, including life under COVID, protests, and never-ending campaigns. The good news is our democracy has survived and we are making progress on the health care side.

I want to wish you all a Very Happy New Year!

Please stay safe.

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Thanksgiving 2020

While COVID  has forced us to celebrate this Thanksgiving holiday a little differently this year, there is still much that we have  and for which we should be grateful. This small prayer can help us focus.


Thank you, God, for little things

that often come our way-

The things we take for granted

but didn’t mention when we pray-

the unexpected courtesy,

the thoughtful, kindly deed-

A hand reached out to help us

in the time of sudden need-

Oh make us more aware, dear God,

of little daily graces

That come to us with “sweet surprise”

from never-dreamed-of places.

Author Unknown

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Election 2020

The activity for the election in November 2020 was long and arduous and it is continuing in some states.

I want to commend everyone that made sure their voice was heard and their  vote was counted. Minnesota is again leading in voter turnout.

I particularly want to express my appreciation to everyone that voted for me and helped with our campaign. I am honored to be returning to the Minnesota House of Representatives to represent the people in District 51A. There is much to do and I look forward to working to provide a better future for all.

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Election Day November 3, 2020

Election Day 2020 is here! Here’s hoping for a positive election here in Minnesota and across the country.

It is a beautiful sunny day, so that should be a plus.

I started with one SIDEWALK RALLY at 7:30 a.m. at Diffley& Diamond, then Blackhawk & Cliff, and last one at Pilot Knob &  Yankee Doodle.

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Bonding Bill 2020

The Capital Investment Committee did a lot of travelling to do their research before putting a bonding bill forward. Right before the end of the 2020 Session, the chair of the Capital Investment Committee, Mary Murphy,  gave a great speech to the House about the bonding bill her committee was bringing to the floor.  She said it was a large bill because we can’t go on pushing projects down the road. It didn’t pass then nor did it pass in the special sessions that followed. It was incredibly disappointing because people all over the state were looking forward to getting help on their projects. It would have helped put people to work. Finally, the House passed a bonding bill on October 14th, 100-34. The Senate followed suit the next day. The bill has transportation projects, housing, environmental and so many more projects that will help improve the lives of Minnesotans.

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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

As I headed for home today, I put the car radio on. The announcer was talking about Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. My first thought was “Oh, no! The unthinkable, the  inevitable has happened, she has died. ” Today, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died at the age of 87. Even while she was battling another round of cancer, she was still serving as a Justice of the United States Supreme Court and and working on a literary project.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has left a legacy that few can match. She has spent much of her life fighting for women’s rights and for equality. There is a movie about her life that goes into detail about how hard it was for her to get a job as an attorney after law school,  even though she had the grades and the intelligence, so she initially taught.  She understood the injustice of  the society she lived in and kept fighting to end it.  Justice Bader Ginsberg was one formidable individual and truly deserves her place in the history of our country. We are so fortunate to have had her and are in her debt forever. We need to ensure the fight for justice and equality continues.

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Thoughts on Labor Day


Happiness is possible only when one is busy.

The body must toil, the mind must be occupied, and the heart must be satisfied.

Those who do good as opportunity offers are sowing seed all the time, and they need not doubt the harvest.

Author Unknown


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