MAC Listening Session in Eagan

The Metropolitan Airport Commission held a Listening Session tonight at the Eagan Community Center. There was a presentation  on landings & departures, procedures, and info regarding future plans for the airport.

A staff person with the airport control tower gave a pretty detailed description of  procedures that are normally used as well as those in special circumstances. With the new landing procedures, there seems to be less pollution.

There were a number of questions that were asked after the presentation. The general theme seemed to be that the number of planes flying above their homes seems to be quite frequent and they had thought the number would decrease.  The response was that there are 20-minute busy cycles and then there is a break. We were informed that new planes are more quite and use less fuel.

Overall what can be done to accomodate complaints is limited usually for safety reasons, but the listening sessions are meant to address the issues as best as they can.

For additional information, contact: NOISE PROGRAM OFFICE WEBSITE at or Aircraft Noise Complaints & Questions at 612-726-9411.

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