Dakota County Farm Bureau

Last Thursday, I attended the 101st Annual Meeting of the Dakota County Farm Bureau. The evening included reports on many of the activities that took place this past year as well as election of officers .

Their guest speaker was Janet Bremer, a woman who grew up on a dairy farm and also married a dairy farmer. She talked about her experiences living on a dairy farm and was very passionate about the many attributes of living on a farm.  She  encouraged others to share their stories about living on a farm. Ms. Bremer is the MN Dairy Princess Coordinator and writes a blog called “My Barnyard View.” She also is the America’s Farmers Midwest Farm Mom of the Year.

Another highlight was hearing about the David Bailly Family and the Alexis Bailly Vineyard.  That family was recognized as the Dakota County 2018 Farm Family of the Year. Nan Bailly received the award and provided an interesting history on how her father and his family created the vineyard.

It was a fun and educational event.



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Burnsville Fire Muster Parade 2018

Saturday was a perfect day for a parade!

Thanks to all who participated in this event.

It is a fairly lengthy route, but everyone seemed to be in good spirits. I definitely noticed that the children had bags chock full of treats that were distributed by the parade units.

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India FEST 2018

I was at the India Fest this afternoon. It is a huge celebration that takes place on the State Capitol Grounds. lots of entertainment, food vendors, and activities for children. Many interesting booths, including the Sehgal Foundation,one where they tie turbans, as well as clothing non-profits, and sports organizations.

Early in the afternoon, there was a parade that culminated in a ceremony on the southern portion of the lawn.  There was a flag-hoisting, singing of the American and Indian national anthems, and speeches. American is the considered the oldest democracy and India the largest.

The event runs from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

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Cedarvale Lanes

I attended a ribbon-cutting event at Cedarvale Lanes yesterday afternoon.  New lanes have been installed in the facility.

More exciting is that a women’s bowling event starts there today, Thursday.  There will be women bowlers from across the globe.  The qualifiers start today and admission is free. Tickets can be purchased for the last two days.

The final event is Saturday at 4:00 and it will be televised. For more info, click on:


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Neighborhood Night Out / Night To Unite

It was a beautiful evening to be out meeting with friends and neighbors. Lots of conversation and lots of food. A townhouse association had a raffle for its members. In one neighborhood, some kids designed a device that shot out streams of toilet paper. Pretty clever and toilet paper doesn’t hurt, that’s from personal experience. At another party, I met a man who designed  a portable garden. He wanted a garden and had to observe the rules of the townhouse association. At another party, a police officer showed up and let the kids look at his police car up close. He also had gifts to share, glow necklaces for the children and spatulas for the adults were some of the things he shared.  A nice evening to get to know your neighbors a little better and promote safety in our communities

Thanks to all who made these events possible and to all who participated.

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Tour of ISD #196 Schools

Went on a tour of some of Independent School District 196 schools this morning.  Most of them are undergoing major construction, both in the buildings and the parking areas. There should be lots of excitement when the schools open.

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I had the opportunity to meet Khizr Kahn on Monday. Mr. Kahn is the gentleman who offered his copy of the Constitution to the Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump. He is extremely passionate about defending the values of our country and electing people that will hold true to keeping the integrity of the United States intact.

He mentioned his experience in Pakistan where policies discouraged people from criticizing the government. Mr.Kahn is critical of the national ban on Muslims. He and his wife lost their son, a member of the United States Army, when he was serving in Iraq. This family paid dearly to protect freedom.


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Town Hall – June 23, 2018

Thanks to all who participated in today’s Town Hall. We had a nice gathering of folks whose questions resulted in good discussions.

One of the successes of this year’s session was the passing of the Pension Bill. It will help provide stability to the state’s economic situation. The other was the  Capital Investment Bill. This will help maintain the state’s assets and provide jobs. For Dakota County, the bonding bill provided $6 million for the SAFE Building, it is a facility to train first responders in the region. Fort Snelling and the Minnesota Zoo also received appropriations.

The main item for next year will be passing a tax bill that will be beneficial to most Minnesotans.

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Burnsville and Xcel Energy Pollinator Habitat

I attended the opening event of the pollinator habitat under the power lines next to Tennisioux Park in Burnsville this morning.  Xcel Energy and Burnsville are partnering to develop this habitat. The plantings today were on an area where a new natural gas pipeline was installed leading to the Black Dog Generating Plant.

Xcel Energy’s northern service territory coincides with the  “Monarch Migration Corridor” and it sees tremendous potential to create and restore pollinator habitat.

The City of Burnsville has already developed other habitat projects in the city.

In spite of the constant rain, the people gathered there displayed a lot of enthusiasm for the project and some planting took place.  The event included speakers and other activities, too.  The participants included scouts, students, neighbors, people from Xcel, and the University of Minnesota

Media was present so there might be television coverage later today.

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2018 Discovery Scholarship Awards Banquet

I attended the 2018 Discovery Scholarship Awards Banquet that was held Tuesday evening.  Flint Hills Resources celebrates the achievements of two students from each high school in the communities surrounding its facility. The parents of the students are also invited to the event.  Each student is onstage as highlights of his/her academic and community activities are read off. A truly impressive group of students.

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