Eagan Highlights


House File 1616, a bill requested by the City of Eagan, was heard yesterday in the Tax Committee.  It will provide Eagan with authority for Tax Increment Financing on the Lockheed property at the intersection of  Pilot Knob and Yankee Doodle.  The new owner is looking at redevelopment on the parcel and the City wants to ensure it is in a position to finance any improvements that might be above and beyond that of the developer.  A delegation from Eagan, including Mayor Maguire, were there to testify on behalf of the city.

On Tuesday evening at the Wescott Library, there was a delightful presentation on Harriet Bishop,  St. Paul’s first public school teacher.   It was entertaining and very informative.  I recommend it if comes to a location near you.  Visit www.mnhs.org/historyplayers for more information.




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