Labor Day 2012

A day set aside to honor all those who work and toil to earn a living. 

I find it incredible that some public officials and candidates demean many of the workers in our community.   I see so many struggling to make ends meet and yet there are those who begrudge decent salaries for the average workers and say nothing about the outrageous or obscene compensation going to top-level corporate officials.   Why is it that the people who educate our children are used as a target? Why is it that people who work in the public sector are criticized and yet we expect them to always be there when we need them?   How many miners have to die before safety concerns are addressed?  The list goes on and on.  Why would anyone vote for a candidate that is critical of the people that they are supposed to oversee or represent?  The lack of respect is a dominate theme this summer.   It seems to me if we want to encourage respect, responsibility and loyalty, then we need to ensure that our leaders are respectful of others and that we are respectful in our dealings with others.

We each have a role to fill and we should feel good about our accomplishments.  A person who works hard and does her/his best deserves our appreciation and respect!

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