S&P lowers Minnesota’s rating

The fact that S&P recently lowered Minnesota’s rating should come as no surprise to anyone paying attention to Minnesota’s budget problems.  The state had warnings that one time fixes and low reserves endangered its prestigious position.  Yet, this year the  legislative majority party made the shift to education funding and borrowing on the tobacco payments the only path to a settlement of the state shutdown.  They followed the previous governor’s irresponsible actions knowing full well the damage they were doing.     For years, other governors and their financial advisers have also advised that a change in policy is critical to Minnesota’s future.  Yet the current Republican officials ignore all warnings and common sense.  Their lack of common sense defies logic not to mention their oath to the state.   Star Tribune’s “article ” in Saturday’s paper gives more details on this sad, but totally unnecessary, action.

We need to make sure people elected to our state legislature understand what it takes to build a brighter future for Minnesota.

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