Governance or Games

The failure of the 2011 Minnesota legislature to address the budget prior to their adjournment is absolutely irresponsible!   This legislature was fortunate to have a governor that was consistently available to work  with them and has shown a  willing to compromise.   The resulting  stress placed on Minnesota citizens is totally unnecessary and shows questionable behavior and priorities by this legislature.   Many of the Republican legislators made clear again and again that their personal priorities were more important than getting the job. 

The fact that the Republicans consumed large amounts of time on divisive and unnecessary legislation attests to either the immaturity or the self-serving tendencies of the majority.   Remember,  the Republican Party  has been forcing out the more moderate and rational members  for the last few decades.   As a result, the leadership or active core now seems to be dominated by the extremists or eccentrics who are insensitive to the needs of the average citizen.    Their concern with governance is totally lacking, it is all about games or winning their short-sighted objectives.  

The question is why any of the general public  condones these narrow-minded individuals when so much is at at stake and so much needs to be done.   The focus needed to be on the budget and jobs.  Not only did not  resolve the budget,  some of their petty legislation will probably result in job loss.

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2 Responses to Governance or Games

  1. Marcia Brekke says:

    Well said, Sandy! I’m glad I finally checked out your blog–I’m so not “computer savvy” and used your blog info sent with the Rick Hansen info.

    Looked up where Rick hails from, and isn’t it so sad that he is the closest Rep–in South St. Paul, yet! Let’s hope that folks are paying some attention to what’s going on in the Repub-majority legislature and GET A CLUE what those folks are up to–their old tricks of enriching the already rich. At least there are some Dems left in our beknighted House (and Senate!) to work for the good of all, not just the “job creators” who are getting more power “thanks” to the Congress we have now–and just where all those jobs? OH, abortion/prayer/and whatever foolishness those Repubs consider paramount is where they’re spending their valuable time and money–and ours!

    • Sandy says:

      Thanks, Marcia. Wish everyone felt as you do. I have been knocking on doors twice this past week. The good news is that the majority of people we have been contacting support the Governor’s balanced approach to the budget.

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