Host Homes in Dakota County

On October 1, a program was held at Easter Lutheran Church to discuss youth experiencing homelessness in Dakota County. Heading Home Dakota is working on a host program as an an efficient and safe way to provide shelter for young adults, mainly ages 18-24, in our community.  There is a shortage of of shelters in Dakota County, especially for our youth.

The Host Home would provide a furnished separate bedroom or space with privacy for the young person and food during the stay. The length of time might vary, but it typically would be short term. The Host Home would provide a safe and supportive place to stay while the youth is working on goals and securing housing.

Volunteers would be needed to help support the Host Homes in various ways, such as food/meals, gift cards for the young person, transportation, etc.

For further information on the Host Home Action team, contact Rebecca Bowers, Dakota County Resource Developer, at or (651) 554-6029.

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