Taking Hearts & MAS Ramadan Iftar Dinner

This event was held on Tuesday May 28 at the South Metro Islamic Center in Rosemount.  The evening began with a variety of introductions, including comments from the Imam and the President of the Minnesota Council of Churches. The Imam said that people should be loved and things are to be used. It seems now that things are loved and people are used. “Islam perceives itself as a system of values. It is a system of values, it is about balance.”

A group of young adults from the center gave some background on themselves and their religion. They then did a comparison of quotes and the audience had to guess whether the quote was from the Bible or the Koran.

We then heard the Call to Prayer and the words on the front screen provided the English translation so that all could follow.   Then those that chose to pray went in to the prayer room. Afterwards, all the attendees participated in a delicious  meal in the main meeting room.

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