Education Omnibus Bill -House File 2400

On our first day back from our break, we started with the Education Omnibus Bill, House File 2400.  The bill was introduced around 11:00 A.M. and we voted on the bill at 9:49 P.M.

The bill has a host of good things to help improve outcomes for our students and our education system.  One item is that the formula will get 3 percent in the first year and 2 percent the second year.  The three percent is the highest amount I have seen since I have been in the legislature.  It won’t totally solve the  financial predicament that most school districts are in but it will provide additional help. There is also  money to help minimize the impact of cross-subsidies, a major issue for school districts.

It is essential that we provide the best education possible for our students. One reason is to enable them to reach their potential. The second is so that our businesses have the talent to compete in a world economy.

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