Exciting Tuesday

House File 288, my bill that prevents health plan companies from removing coverage of a particular brand of insulin or equipment and supplies during the contract year was heard in the Commerce Committee today.   Insulin users need to have the appropriate medication, unplanned changes can cause serious problems. A few other bills regarding insulin were also on the agenda.  This worked out well because it was also lobby day for the American Diabetes Association, so there were a number of people who were able to testify on behalf of the legislation.

In the evening, the House Transportation Committee held a hearing at the Savage City Hall, the Council Chamber was filled.  While a number of testifiers talked about road improvements, the Dan Patch legislation probably generated the more animated discussion.

The Savage City Council Chamber is an extremely attractive room and the focus is Dan Patch. That and the artwork on the outside of the City Hall are worth a special trip to see.


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