Dakota County Farm Bureau

Last Thursday, I attended the 101st Annual Meeting of the Dakota County Farm Bureau. The evening included reports on many of the activities that took place this past year as well as election of officers .

Their guest speaker was Janet Bremer, a woman who grew up on a dairy farm and also married a dairy farmer. She talked about her experiences living on a dairy farm and was very passionate about the many attributes of living on a farm.  She  encouraged others to share their stories about living on a farm. Ms. Bremer is the MN Dairy Princess Coordinator and writes a blog called “My Barnyard View.” She also is the America’s Farmers Midwest Farm Mom of the Year.

Another highlight was hearing about the David Bailly Family and the Alexis Bailly Vineyard.  That family was recognized as the Dakota County 2018 Farm Family of the Year. Nan Bailly received the award and provided an interesting history on how her father and his family created the vineyard.

It was a fun and educational event.



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