CD2 Meeting/Eagan

I attended another of the CD2 Town Hall Meetings yesterday, this one at the Wescott Library in Eagan.  The moderator said that  Congressman Jason Lewis was informed, but he responded that he was not able to attend.  Residents of the Second Congressional District are coordinating these efforts because Congressman Lewis is not scheduling any open meetings with constituents and they want to have dialogue with him.  The room was packed, as was my previous experience at the Burnsville Library.  We are told that the proceedings are being taped  and  will be made available to the Congressman as well as the notecards collected will be given to him.

Bob, from Inver Grove Heights, stated the Trump has told agencies to make access to the Affordable Care Act as difficult as possible.  He said to fix the ACA, don’t repeal it. Shelley, from, Apple Valley, wants Representative Lewis to look at the pharmaceutical industry.  Her son needs medicine that costs $1200 and that is not affordable. She also said that no vouchers should be given to schools that don’t take care of special education students. Sasha, from Eagan, stressed the importance of helping students with special needs.  Ed. from Eagan, said there needs to be discussion about Russia and the fact that Trump campaigned about removing sanctions against Russia.

Dee, from Eagan, said Lewis has been inacessible and is an extremist.  People want to be involved. Mark, also from Eagan, wanted to address hate and cited the attacks on Jewish institutions. Greg,from Eagan, wants Mecicare for all.

The meeting started at 1:00 and ended after 5:00. People are very concerned about the direction of government and the lack of attention being paid to the needs of the average citizens while the funding seems to be directed to big business and big-money interests.


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