“Beyond Bollywood” Exhibit

“Beyond B0llywood” exhibit opened at the Minnesota History Center on May 1. It is a very extensive exhibit on the history of the people of India who came to the United States. It has integrated an exhibit from the Smithsonian with exhibits created by people who moved to Minnesota.

The opening festivities included a drummer, dancer, and a vocal performance. When the time came to enter the exhibit, candles were lit, the ribbon was cut and red dots were placed on the foreheads as people entered. The lighting of the lamp invokes knowledge.

The dresses and tapestry are so lovely! There are some very interesting musical instruments. The history is particularly well-documented on the people who came to Minnesota. It identifies many of the achievements of the original immigrants as well as the second generation. It also shows some of the challenges some of the early arrivals faced. A lot of work went into the exhibit and it helps us know more about our neighbors. There are a number of events scheduled as part of the exhibit.

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