2015 Session Begins

The 2015 Legislative Session officially began on January 6.  In addition to the newly elected officials taking the oath of office, a number of operating procedures are approved.  The highlight was the installation of the new Chief Clerk, Patrick D. Murphy.  Pat has been part of the Chief Clerk’s Office for quite a while and will do a great job.

After session on January 15th,  the House held a ceremony and reception to  honor the former Chief Clerk, Albin A. Mathiowetz, for 43 years of service.  We are extremely fortunate to have such dedicated and knowledgeable individuals help us carry out the duties of the House of Representatives.

On the second day, January 7, legislators gather at the Humphrey Institute for One Minnesota. This gives us a chance to hear from our State Demographer, our State Economist and other resources on issues that will be important during the next couple of years and beyond.  The changing of our demographics is particularly important as we plan for the future.

The majority of committee work this month has been getting overviews from various agencies and organizations, but the bills are now starting to come through.  I have met with constituents, advocates from numerous organizations, and the Eagan City Council.

I will be serving on the following committees: Aging and Long-Term Care, Health and Human Service Reform, and Transportation Policy and Finance.



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