Restore the Vote Minnesota

Restore the Vote MN is a coalition who wants to restore voting rights to people living in our communities who have lost that right due to a previous conviction .  This is a broad coalition that involves organizations providing public safety and legal services, faith based organizations, and civic engagement groups.  For more information, see:

There are many reasons to do this.  One being that it will clear confusion as to who is eligible to vote.

The second is that it will help with integration into the community.  Restore the Vote Minnesota says that research has shown that persons with criminal convictions in their past are less likely to be arrested again in states that restore voting rights after their release from incarceration than in states where they face permanent disenfranchisement.  It encourages a sense of responsibility.

From a long-range perspective, children are more likely to vote as adults if they are raised by parents who engage in the voting process.

To summarize, the change will make the law more clear and save resources, encourage participation in the democratic process, and will help create safer and more just environments.

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