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Build a Bigger House?

Dalton Conley and Jacqueline Stevens have been getting media attention lately with their idea that  a larger House of Representatives would be one way to diminish the impact of special interests and to lessen the amount of campaign spending.   While … Continue reading

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Tree of Failure

David Brooks has written an insightful column on civility, a concept that has received a lot of attention since the tragedy in Tucson.  As I interpret his comments, he makes the observation that civility is based on tradition and that those … Continue reading

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Kudos to Governor Dayton

Governor Dayton is off to a great start at being a governor to all the people.   One of his first acts was to sign the early admission to the federal health care reform  This will help those who desperately … Continue reading

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MICAH Meeting

MICAH will be meeting on Monday, January 10 at Mary Mother of the Church in Burnsville at 6:15 P.M.  Affordable housing is getting to be even more critical in these challenging economic times.  See here info about MICAH.

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